Press Clips:

"Magic from Madagascar... the revelation was Nivo Rahoerson, a little woman with an enormous voice.  At times she evoked Ella or Sarah or Aretha (but) with it's unusual range and depth, the voice, in the end, was pure Nivo."  Washington Post (click to read article)

“Some very tasty music going on here… there is clearly a lot of talent between the two multi-instrumentalists…  Nivo has a very sultry delivery and deserves to be heard (with) the ability to make a classic her own.” - Taxi

“This ensemble… plays an exuberant brand of R&B-flavored jazz.  Serge is equally adept and bluesy on both tenor and keyboards; his wife Nivo sounds a little like Aretha Franklin, crying and caterwauling gloriously and sounding smoky and seductive on the ballads.  Serge plays drums too, along with keyboards and sax.  On piano, he sounds a bit like Monk, but ultimately settles for a higher gloss behind Nivo’s vocals.   On “Sassy Little Girl” and “Faly”, he sounds like Vince Guaraldi, but even more bubbly…  This is extremely high energy Western R&B jazz/ funk… it’s superbly done. - Robert Spencer, Cadence, Vol. 25, No. 2

“Jazz is my first love, therefore my expectations are very high when given a jazz record to listen to, and this is one of the best of all time… Nivo is sooooo good – she reminds me of Sarah without the self-indulgence – she also has the range and hipness of Annie Ross, who was my all-time favorite.  I am blown away by this group!  Wow!”  - Sue Few, IUMA Sound Check

"Nivo is the new voice of jazz! Her voice gives you goosebumps...Dazzling!" - Le Nouvel Observateur

"The discovery of the year!" - Lional Hampton Jazz Club

"Jazz that seduces you with a dazzling Madagascan group: the Rahoersons...One forgets to sip one's drink, mesmerized by the voice of the singer, and by the piano, sax, and bass solos." - Telerama

"...A voice without equal..." - Salut L'Artiste

"...A Madagascan singer who has literally exploded onto the scene...One of the grand ladies of jazz...Striking...Dazzling..." - L'Evenement du Jeudi

"...Already one of the greatest..." - L'Express